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Black Belt Grading 2014

Congratulations to

Sensei Bill for passing Godan

Sensei Huw for passing Sandan

Caitlin for passing Shodan

Callum for passing Shodan

Well done to you all.

Deanshanger 5th February

Sorry No training at Deanshanger 5th February

Dan grading 2014

Will be held at Robin Park on the 12th April

Pre dan grading master class 2014

Will be held at Robin Park on the 15th March

Training start dates.

Greens Norton Primary school Monday 13th January

Webber Independent school Tuesday 14th January

Greens Norton village hall Adults Tuesday 7th January

Deanshanger Community hall Juniors and senior cadets Wednesday 8th January

Yardley Gobion Primary school Thursday 9th January

Deanshanger Community hall Adults Thursday 9th January

Old Stratford Primary school Friday 10th January

Cosgrove Village hall Friday 10th January


Happy New year to you all lets have some great training session's in 2014.

Happy Christmas to you all

Hope you had a good one.

Data Closures 2013

Deanshanger Adults Thursday 24th October

Cosgrove Friday 25th October

Old Stratford Primary school Friday 25th October

Deanshanger Wednesday 30th October

Deanshanger Thursday 31st October


Cosgrove Friday 1st November

Were now accepting electronic payments. Please speak to me if you would like to do this or would like more information.

Webber Independent School.

Last training session will be on the 9th July 13

Kyu Gradings July 2013

Kyu gradings for all clubs will be in July please see News page for more information.

Southern England Gashuku May 2013

Date Saturday 11th May 2013, Time 1pm Cadets and 2pm-4pm Adults, Cost £5 cadets and £10 adults. Location Old Stratford Community hall Dojo. If you need any more info please contat me Sensei Huw Evans.


Black belt Grading April 2013

Congratulations to Josie, Daniel, Edward, Ella, and Connor for passing Shodan (1st Kyu) Well done remember your journey has began again and your next level is Nidan.

Yardley Gobion School

Grading will be held on the 14th March 2013

Old Stratford Primary school

Grading will be held on the 15th March 2013

The Webber Independent School

Grading will be held on the 19th March 2013


Grading will be held on the 20th March 2013


Grading will be held on the 22nd March 2013